Zoom Program - Week of 4.13.20

Zoom Program - Week of 4.13.20

We would love everyone to join us for our live Zoom classes Mon. - Fri. 8:30 a.m. / 4:30 p.m. & 5:30 p.m. as well as Saturday at 8 a.m. & Sunday at 2 p.m. Barbell only sessions will also be scheduled later in the week. During this time there will be no limits to the number of classes available for BootCamp members! Please use the member's only link & password found in your email to access every class! If you need help joining a class, please call or text me any time 205-837-8547

DONT FORGET: HUGE NEWS!!!!! We are PUMPED to bring you guys the opportunity to learn how to maintain your health and remain pain free as the weather improves and we start racking up those miles. Join us on Zoom next Saturday, April 18, as Dr. Jonathan Burke drops some huge knowledge bombs! Dr. Burke is a practicing Physical Therapist at Therapydia NOLA, fantastic trainer, avid runner, and personal friend. You guys do not want to miss this!



5 Rounds: 30 Second Jump Rope 30 Second Wall Sit 30 Seconds Air Squats

5 Push-Ups

“Trust Fall”

AMRAP 20: 40 Air Squats 20 Push-ups 10 Broad Jump

*Every 2 Minutes (Starting at 0): 40 Jump Rope


Warm Up

8 Minutes Run

1:00 Run 1 Minute Glute Bridges

1:00 Run 1 Minute Single Leg Glute Bridges (30 Seconds Each Side)

1:00 Run 1 Minute Glute Bridge Walkouts Video

1:00 Run 1 Minute Plank

“White Knuckles”

For Time: 40 Odd Object Rows 2:00 Run 40 Odd Object Ground to Shoulder 4:00 Run 40 Odd Object Shoulder to Overhead 2:00 Run 40 Odd Object Rows


Warm- Up

For Quality 60 Second Frog Hops 6 Inchworms 6 Ground to Overhead 6 Reverse Lunges- Each Side

40 Second Push-ups 4 Inchworms 4 Ground to Overhead 4 Reverse Lunges- Each Side

20 Second Burpees 2 Inchworms 2 Ground to Overhead 2 Reverse Lunges - Each Side


Every 3 Minutes x 7 Rounds: 12 Odd Object Ground to Overhead 6 Lateral Burpees Over Odd Object 12 Odd Object Reverse Lunges 6 Lateral Burpees Over Odd Object


Warm- Up

5 Rounds:

5 Russian Baby Makers Video

1 Minute Jog

15 Good morning (bar)/Dumbbell deadlifts

“Tabata Something Else”

8 Rounds (20 Seconds On + 10 Seconds Off): Odd Object Rows Sit-ups Push-ups Air Squats


Warm- Up

3 Rounds:

30 Seconds Samson Stretch Video

15 Glute Bridges

30 Seconds Cossack Squats Video

15 Air Squats


AMRAP 12: 2 Odd Object Clean and Jerks 2 Odd Object Thrusters 30 Line Hops 4 Odd Object Clean and Jerks 4 Odd Object Thrusters 30 Line Hops 6 Odd Object Clean and Jerks 6 Odd Object Thrusters 30 Line Hops … Continue to Add (2) Reps to Odd Object Movements Per Round


Warm- Up

3 Sets

10 Object to OH

20 Air Squats

1 minute Run

“Ham & Cheese”

Every 5 Minutes x 5 Sets:

200 Meter Run

15 Burpees

200 Meter Run



AMRAP 20: 36 Double Unders 24 AbMat Sit-ups 12 Incline Push Up

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