AMP Day One - At Home Workout

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

DAY ONE! Lets do it 💪 ! Remember, this is about MOVING not DYING! The movements and workouts posted in the next few days will not be complicated and will be accessible to everyone, even the kiddos! Make it a family affair and get everyone in on the action!

Please watch our video above for detailed instructions!


Cash in:

50 Push Ups

Immediately followed by…

Death By:

Air Squats and Burpees

Immediately After Failed Minute…

Cash Out 50 Push Ups

Coaching Notes:

This workout will begin and end with a large number of push ups

Your chest, shoulders, and triceps will get fatigued throughout this so break up the push ups at the beginning. Scale to 30 reps if needed.

The Death By works like this:

Minute 1: 1 Air Squat + 1 Burpee

Minute 2: 2 Air Squats + 2 Burpees

Follow this sequence increasing the amount of reps by 1 each for every minute until you can no longer compete the work in that minute

Your score will be the total reps completed POST YOUR SCORE IN THE COMMENTS 😉

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