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Experienced. Attentive. Compassionate.

Owner/Head Trainer

TRX Suspension Trainer Qualified Coach

ACE Group Fitness Certified

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certified

TBMM Correctional Exercise Certified

Colby Brooks

     AMP was originally created to serve a very specific purpose: To bring a safe, efficient, and effective method of achieving health and fitness to our community.


      I originally opened what is now AMP Strength & Conditioning in January of 2013 after being in the medical field for many years. Health and Fitness is my passion and I love being able to share my knowledge and experience with those who are willing to learn and are hungry for success. 

      Everyone has a different goal, each person is different, and each body moves in a different way with varying levels of efficiency and skill. I am addicted to understanding these subtleties and the nuances of working with every individual person at their current fitness level. 

Chad Crowe

Group/Personal Trainer

CFL1 Certified

TBMM Correctional Exercise Certified

     After nearly 20 years in the fire service, a career that demands physical fitness, I find excitement helping others meet and exceed their own personal goals. Seeing their eyes light up when a movement or position “clicks” is what I love the most. 


     Finding cues or breaking a movement down to find what works for each individual is a challenge I welcome every day. I pride myself on making fitness attainable and fun for every athlete that walks in the gym.

Group/Personal Trainer

CFL1 Certified

Scott Gable

     I started doing CrossFit in 2010 after several years of being sedentary. The physical benefits that came were great, but that did not compare to the changes I felt mentally. Suddenly, I was accomplishing things that seemed impossible just a short time ago. My ENTIRE outlook changed, whether I was in the gym or not. Every challenge became easier. Every hardship seemed leas hard. It seemed that with enough work and sacrifice that I could accomplish anything. At AMP we’ve learned from experience that the “pursuit of fitness” can change lives and we can help you start your own pursuit. 

Sandy Colvin

Group/Personal Trainer




     Wife, Mother, Fitness Enthusiast and believer that Age Should Not Define You!   


     “I began my fitness journey at the age of 45 as a stay-home mother of two.  Within 6 months, I represented my gym in my first local “CrossFit” competition, won my division and was hooked. I continued daily training and moved on to larger competitions.  I love the sport of functional training, the camaraderie and the challenge it promotes whether competing or not.  Functional Fitness is the platform that has empowered me, it has changed my outlook in life- I no longer see myself aging and having regrets, I see myself doing things…, doing hard things.  It makes me happy! I have recently discovered the sport of kettlebells and want to share it with the world!  Teaching and seeing others do things they never believed they could, is my mission, and makes my job so worth it” 

Nutrition Accountability Co-ordinator

InBody Co-Ordinator

TRX Suspension Trainer Qualified Coach

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certified

Sara Crowe

     As a proud founding member of AMP, I can look back and say without hesitation- I had no idea just how much my life would be impacted for the better by joining a "gym". My priorities leading up to joining AMP were enjoying life with my husband and surviving Grad school. My nutrition and fitness routine were nonexistent. I knew a change needed to happen to avoid the health pitfalls that plague my family, but occasionally working out with no direction wasn't working and fad diets didn't last. 

     AMP opened my eyes to goals I'd never considered. My competitive side loves the challenges and the PRs and my social side loves the people. After committing to the fitness side of AMP- I didn't want to put 100% effort into my workout just to sabotage it with food. The process of learning about nutrition, macros, portion control and food balance was a game changer! I'm proud to share that over the course of my fitness journey I have lost 50+ pounds and completely changed my body composition from the sedentary girl 
who walked into AMP in 2013. I find the self-discipline of eating healthy empowering and I want to help other members do the same! 

     In addition to coaching at AMP, I am mother to 2 beautiful kids, I work full-time in healthcare, and I'm blessed to have the best workout partner in my husband, Chad. If you're looking for a fitness facility that can change your life for the better- you've found it in AMP!


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